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<Others> What is Cultural Contribution and how do I earn it?

Cultural contribution is a type of "currency" in the game that allows a player to take more than one quest at a time from a mediator. Earned Cultural Contribution can be viewed in the Character > Character Information screen by moving your mouse over the telescope icon in the lower left hand side of your Character Information screen. Cultural Contribution can be earned by doing the following:
1. Joining a Union at a GM and making discoveries related to that Union or completing activities relating to the Union you are in.
2. Reporting Adventure discoveries to notable NPCs in a capital city enjoying a Trend from a certain region in the game.
3. Selling trade goods to the Market Keeper in a capital city enjoying a Trend from a certain region in the game.
4. Placing an Ornament in the Louvre Museum in Paris, in either the Small or Large Gallery.

Cultural Contribution is spent in the game when you wish to take a second quest from a Mediator. The star value of the second quest corresponds to the rank of your Cultural Contribution (ie: Rank 1 Cultural Contribution allows player to take a 1-star quest from the Mediator). Each time a second quest is taken by a player, Cultural Contribution is consumed. Cultural Contribution can also be used to purchase items from the guild shop at the location of each of the GMs.

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