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There Was Something Wrong With My Transaction? (War Rock, Dekaron, Uncharted Waters, La Tale, BlackShot Global)

For purchases through the Papaya Play Charge Portal, any issues concerning Payments/BS GEM/DKC/LTC/WRC need to be solved using our Billing Customer Support System:

1) Go to the Charge Portal https://www.papayaplay.com/shop/main.do and proceed to any of the Shop pages;


2) On the Shop page, select any of the currency amounts (as if you were going to make a new purchase):


3) On the new window click the bottom ‘Help’ button:


4) You can select one of the topics below to get quick answer of your question:


5) If you can’t find the answer you looking for from topics above, please select “Support Center”:


6) On the new window, Log in to your personal account to see your payments history and manage active subscriptions:


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