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I have found a Bug in game, What should I do?

As an Online gaming platform Blackshot is constantly launching new contents for its users.

During this updates and releases of new content errors (BUGs) might happen, and we count on our community to help spot them.

If you find or see a bug while playing, please report it immediately.

That way our developers can fix it right away and increase our gaming experience.


NOTE: Exploiting a bug in game for any kind of advantage is a bannable offence, if you see any players doing such, report to us immediately.


Submit your reports with as much detail as possible (try including videos or images), also try to explain how we can reproduce the bug.

Please submit this information to Customer Support (Click below ‘Submit A Request’ Button)


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    HI,When i start game the daily bonus come but nothing happens i dont get any items the last two days

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