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BlackShot is not starting. What can I do?

If you are having problems starting BlackShot, please try the following steps:


Step 1

-Verify that you have a stable internet connection and check if your Windows and video card drivers are all up to date. If the problem continues, go to the next step;


Step 2

- Restart your PC and launch the BlackShot again. If the problem continues go to the next step;


Step 3

- Perform a Clean BlackShot Re-installation exactly as you see in the following forum thread:


If the problem continues go to the next step;


Step 4

- Please send the following information to our support team (click below ‘submit a request’ button)  

- Screenshot/video of your problem: you can attach screenshots in your ticket. If you failed to upload your file to your ticket, please use Youtube (http://youtube.com), Imgur (http://imgur.com) or a similar video/image uploading website.

- Your IP Address( www.whatismyip.com)

- A screenshot of your Internet Speed Test Result (http://speedtest.net)

- Your DxDiag Report (How to get the DxDiag report: (https://support.papayaplay.com/hc/en-us/articles/217441198)



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    hello it saids nprotect game guard error? so i can't play the game please help me!.

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    hello guy,s if got an error 360 if i log in what happend how can i play agian ?

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    i get always error 360 and can no more play? pls what can i do to play again ??

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