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I can’t seem to remember my login information. How can I get them back/reset?

If you forgot your password, you can easily reset it on the login page of papayaplay.com.

If this does not work or you don’t remember your login ID, please submit a support ticket providing the following information:

- Please explain the current issues with your account (with as much details as possible):

- Account ID:

- Your Full Name:

- Character Name:

- Previous Character Names (If you changed your name, write your previous names):

- Registered Email (first email that was registered when the account was created):

- Changed Email (If you changed it before):

- Last email address (the last email address that you had in use on your account before you had the issue):

- Date of registration (When did you register? As accurately as you can remember. You can search your E-mail for any account registration E-mails related to Papaya Play, Vertigo or Dekaron):

- IP address (What is your IP address? Find out at www.whatismyip.com. Can you remember what it was when you registered your account?):

- Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) / City / State / Zip Code:

- Last Transactions IDs (the last 3 or more transactions IDs forum your DKC charges that you can find on your Xsolla email receipts):

- Last Successful Login (date of your last successful login in Dekaron before you had the issue):

- Have you shared your account information with anyone?:

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